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The Global Plant Based Certified symbol is more than a testament to quality, it is a guarantee that the product in hand contains nothing unexpected and is free from any product of animal origin.

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The production of organic maple syrup is characterized by management practices that respect the maple grove and its ecosystem. Development and maintenance must focus on preserving the ecosystem of the sugar bush and on improving the vigor of the stand over the long term.

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Reliable guarantees all over the world

A historical player in organic farming certification, Ecocert is recognized for its independence, competence and impartiality.


The members and partners of Naturland produce organic food according to strict organic standards: we bet to cooperate with nature rather than working against it by following the visionary principles of agroecology and fair trade.

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Food quality and safety


Organic farming Japan

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All of the ingredients used, including how they are processed, meet the criteria for kashrut.

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Halal Accreditation


The basic condition for the BIOSUISSE ORGANIC certification of a company is the prior organic certification according to the directives of the EU regulation or according to an equivalent regulation.


Organic farming Europe


Organic farming South Korea

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Here is ICI on recycle +, our recognition program recognized throughout Quebec, which aims to honor organizations that are proactive and committed to improving their performance in waste management.