Certified Quality Syrup


All Alleghanys Maple Farms products undergo rigorous quality checks to preserve their authentic maple taste and subtle aroma. Our company select his maple producers, many of them are located in the eastern part of the Appalacian mountains, an area named Alleghanys by native indians. The quality of our maple syrup is certified by an independent laboratory, which conducts routine inspections and analyses on every drum. All production stages are carefully audited so that all shipments can earn the Export Certificate and Inspection and Grading Report from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

The Right Taste for the Market
In addition to producing maple syrup in various formats ranging from bulk (barrels) to attractive glass bottles and plastic or metal containers, Alleghanys Maple Farms also makes granulated maple sugar and fruit syrups. We accommodate large volume requests and provide certified organic products.

Proud to offer you excellence!


Alleghanys has been proud to be the first  IFS certified maple syrup bottling plant in North America since 2005.


Choose Alleghanys Maple Farms products and discover authentic maple goodness. Taste the difference!

Sirop D'érable / Maple Syrup / メープルシロップ / Ahornsiroop / Jarabe de arce / شراب القيقب

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