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M. Sylvain Lalli


Director of Sales:

M. Michèle Bond


Our commitment to excellence and the hands-on expertise of our team combine with our performance in meeting world market demands are key ingredients in Alleghanys Maple Farms’ success. Our products stands out with their exceptionnel quality as well as our plant's high production standards. Since 2005, our Internationnal Featured Standards Higher level certificate testify our focus on sustainability issues: environment, social, econimic, quality and safety of our management system; a certification recognized by Global Food Safety Iniciative. As food fairs exhibitor in different contries, we have introduced whole new audiences to delights of premium maple products. We recommand to add a taste of spring to daily meals.

Combined with a team of experts

Director General:

Mme. Jessika Lalli


Director of Operations:

M. Michaël Lalli


Preparing the take over, years ago we expended our team with youg professionnals engaged in the growth process of the company. As the company keep expending through the years, we improve with new equipments and technologies to support our performance and product safety.

Sirop D'érable / Maple Syrup / メープルシロップ / Ahornsiroop / Jarabe de arce / شراب القيقب

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