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Maple syrup

Maple syrup is an ideal sweetener  for all your recipes and beverages from breakfast to dinner. It does add a touch of spring to your daily meals.

Maple Syrup is an important source of energy for your activities.


Maple products

Alleghanys team believes that health and a balanced life go hand in hand with nutrition. This is why it is important for us to offer high quality maple products.


Respect for nature

Maple syrup is a natural sugar.

Alleghanys offers Organic or Conventional Maple syrup, harvested according to the most advanced methods and standards in terms of respect for nature.


The name "Allegheny" was once used to refer to what is now called the Appalachians.
(Vast mountain chain in eastern North America)

The word originates from the Delaware Indians Lenape.

There is a variety of sugar maple tree found in lower river valleys and a variety of red maple tree found in humid areas.

The spirit and authentic taste of maple syrup that our ancestors discovered will transport you.



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